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How can one go between Narita Airport and downtown Tokyo?

A number of options to go between Narita and central Tokyo are available. The East Japan Railway Company, otherwise referred to as JR East, operates trains that service the route with train stations available within each terminal at Narita. The express train, called Narita Express or N'EX, takes about an hour to travel between Tokyo and Narita. The N'Ex service runs every 30 minutes during peak hours and every hour at other times. Please note that advance seating reservations are required. Tickets are available at the stations and in Terminal 2. Standard one-way fare starts at ¥2,940 with seasonal rate differences. JR East also offers rapid-service trains which take somewhat longer, about 90 minutes, but cost only ¥1,280.

Another train operator is Keisei Electric Railway, which offers limited stops on trains between Ueno, Nippori (north of Tokyo) and Narita. The cost is ¥1,920 with the trip taking under an hour. Here too, reservations are required.

Airport buses serving Narita and major downtown hotels are also avaiable. One-way tickets cost ¥3,000 and take 80 to 90 minutes depending on traffic and the number of stops. Tickets are available at the service counter on the first floor at Narita Airport.

A few local buses also service Tokyo and Narita Airport. The cost is about ¥1,500 and the trip takes 65 to 85 minutes depending on your final destination.

Taxis are available at fixed rates based on a system of zones. Costs range from ¥15,000 to ¥24,000 depending on your destination.

last updated 2008.09.04
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