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How do I get from LaGuardia Airport to Manhattan?

There are a number of ways to get from LaGuardia International Airport to Manhattan:

  • Bus to Subway
  • Car Service
  • Express Bus
  • Shuttle Van
  • Taxi

The least expensive way to get to Manhattan from LaGuardia is to take a bus, either the M60 (preferable), Q33 or Q47, and switch to a subway train that can bring you closer to your final destination. However, because the options to transfer are numerous and the inconvenience of switching from the bus to a subway line is notable, this option is only recommended if you've already planned out your route in advance, have little or light luggage and/or need to save money. Travel time should generally run an hour or less depending on where you connect and the location of your final destination. The cost is $2 but, if you plan to stay for a week or more, you may wish to purchase an unlimited ride MetroCard for 7 or 30 days that would include the trip.

Car services, otherwise referred to as limousines, are numerous and should be arranged prior to arrival. Costs start at around $50 but you will likely be able to use a credit card to pay for it, which is uncommon among taxi cabs. Travel time varies depending on traffic but you should expect an hour plus or minus 15 minutes. The same time constraints apply to taxi cabs, which are metered and thus vary in cost. Expect to pay roughly $30 to Midtown Manhattan, not including tolls and tip, and incrementally more the further South you go. Express busses can take you to either the Port Authority Bus Terminal, Grand Central Station or Penn Station for $12. However, they suffer from the same traffic delays as car services and limousines and tend to take roughly the same amount of time to arrive.

Shuttle van service is provided by SuperShuttle and Airlink New York. Travel to Manhattan costs between $13 and $22, not including tip, and travel times average an hour or more depending on whether you are the first or last to be dropped off. The advantage of using shuttle van service, car services and taxis is that they are able to bring you directly to your final destination. If your final destination is very close to a train station, however, it may be better to take connecting train service if your luggage is light. Please be warned that traffic and road conditions are often bad and that the skill level of most drivers is even worse. Subsequently, we do not recommend renting a car to go to Manhattan for any reason.

last updated 2008.09.04
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