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How do I get to central Berlin from Schoenefeld Airport?

Schoenefeld Airport (SXF) is about 15 miles southeast of Berlin. An Airport Express train runs between the airport and the main railway station, or Hauptbahnhof, in downtown Berlin. From the airport, follow the exit signs marked for the Schoenefeld railway station, located about 400 meters from the terminal, accessed via a covered walkway. Take either the RE7 or RB14 regional trains or else the local S-Bahn trains, S45 or S9. The local trains run more often than the regional ones which run every half hour. The trains take about 30 minutes to reach central Berlin. The fare is presently €2.8 one-way, covering zones A, B and C.

There are several public buses directly outside the terminal (162, 171, N60) which can take you to central Berlin. However, the fare is also €2.8 one-way, covering zones A, B and C.

Taxis are available at the airport and will cost €25+ to reach downtown Berlin. The trip takes approximately 35 minutes, depending on traffic and the location of your final destination. Be sure to select a taxi with a "B" as the first letter on its license plate, as the letter indicates that the vehicle is from Berlin.

Rental cars are available at the airport. Upon receiving your rental, the drive itself takes about 30 minutes to reach central Berlin. Please be aware, though, that there will likely be a daily parking fee of €20+ at your hotel. So, be sure to check for such fees in advance.

last updated 2008.09.04
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