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How does one get around Macau?

Most visitors to Macau arrive by ferry from Hong Kong or mainland China, though there is an airport.  Upon exiting the ferry terminal, you will be greeted on the left by a line of free buses run by the various casinos.  The buses are unique to each casino and run frequently between the corresponding casino and the ferry terminal.  Since gambling at the casino is not necessary in order to use the service, one can effectively utilize the buses to go between the ferry terminal and different parts of town.  If you are traveling to a part of Macau without a casino nearby you can certainly take a taxi.  Taxis are metered and inexpensive when compared with North America or Europe.

Macau itself is quite small and generally walkable, with many historical sites and attractions such as Largo do Senado, Cathedral de St. Paul and Fortaleza do Monte within walking distance of each other.  However, if you wish to go to the southern islands, you will need to use a taxi and take one of the many causeways.  Additionally, please note that crossing busy roads can be dangerous and pedestrian overpasses and underpasses should be used whenever available.

last updated 2009.01.11
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