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How does one travel between Hong Kong and Macau?

There are a few ways to travel between Hong Kong and Macau.  The most popular is by taking a TurboJet ferry.  These high-speed, jet-propelled hydrofoils run every 15 minutes from 7 am to midnight with departures every 5 minutes during peak hours.  The journey takes about an hour and costs HK$134 to HK$176 depending on the direction, day and time of departure.  Except during peak season, tickets can generally be purchased on the spot.  Just remember to bring your passport and that you will need to allow for a few extra minutes to go through customs.  Should you be early, you can also request to be put on standby for the next outgoing vessel.

If you want to splurge, you can travel by helicopter.  A one-way ride will cost at least HK$1,900 per person.  You can also travel from Hong Kong to mainland China by land and then from China to Macau by land.  However, the land route is generally not advisable for most nationalities due to the need for expensive visas to visit mainland China.  Please note that mainland China has very different visa policies than Hong Kong and Macau.  So, be sure to plan well ahead if you choose to go.

last updated 2009.01.11
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