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How likely am I to get stuck in Chicago O'Hare Airport?

If your itinerary requires making a tight connection at O'Hare International Airport, consider it very likely that you will become stuck there.

Planes landing at O'Hare seldom have better than 60% on-time rates and are often delayed up to 3 hours. Even though gates can be a mile apart due to the length of the concourses, O'Hare has only a very limited tram system between terminals. Subsequently, your chances of missing your connecting flight or of having your flight be delayed are quite high.

If you can't avoid O'Hare airport, we recommend that you carry reading materials or other portable entertainment, extra batteries for any electronic devices, a change of clothes and extra sanitary items or medications, as needed.

Contributed by Josh Berkus
last updated 2008.09.04
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