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What are some options for traveling between England and France?

There are several options for traveling between the United Kingdom and France with each varying in cost and convenience.

Air travel may be a cost-effective option, especially if you are traveling to and from regional airports where budget airlines compete. For example, advance fare between East Midlands and Paris is currently less than £13 each way on BMI Baby airline.

Eurostar rail service is a great option if you are traveling between city centers. It only takes 2 hours and 15 minutes to travel between the centers of London and Paris for as low as £30 each way. Eurostar also stops in Ebbsfleet and Ashford in the U.K., Calais, Lille and Disneyland Europe in France and Brussels in Belgium. Additionally, there are numerous connections to other regional rail services, as well as fast trains such as the TGV.

If you require a car while you are at your destination or you need to carry a lot of luggage, passengers or pets, then a car ferry or car train may be a good option to bring along your vehicle. The Eurotunnel train service transports passengers between Folkstone, UK and Calais, France in 35 minutes. One-way tickets (including the fee for a standard car) cost £49 and up depending on which day and the time of day you embark. Several operators run ferries between ports in the southeast of England and the northwest of France. For example, P&O Ferry offers a one way fare between Dover and Calais for £25 which includes one car and up to 9 passengers. The crossing takes approximately 90 minutes.

In general, it can be quite helpful that most providers offer one-way fares in that such fares give you the option of using different methods for the outbound and return portions of your trip to suit your needs and schedule.

last updated 2008.10.19
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