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What are some things to consider when selecting a cruise cabin?

Selecting a cruise cabin is a very individualized decision.  Here are some considerations to help you find the best fit.

  1. Type of cabin (inside/outside/balcony etc.)
  2. Size of cabin
  3. Layout and facilities within cabin
  4. Horizontal location of the cabin (front, mid, back) may be important to those prone to sea sickness
  5. Vertical location of the cabin (top, mid, sea level) may be important to those prone to sea sickness
  6. Proximity to highly trafficked areas may mean more noise from foot traffic near your cabin
  7. Proximity to maintenance areas may increase mechanical noise or noise from crew traffic
  8. Proximity to entertainment venues and lounges may result in excessive noise
  9. Proximity to disembarkation points may result in overcrowding near your cabin while at port
  10. Proximity to connecting cabins, which are favored by families traveling with children
last updated 2009.03.11
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