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What are the baggage limits for major airlines?

When traveling by air, there are 2 sets of baggage restrictions to consider.  The first is checked baggage while the second is carry-on luggage.  Since carry-ons that exceed the size limit or permitted number are generally checked-in, the two are effectively connected.  Many airlines, even for economy tickets, still allow you to bring some luggage for free and some airlines, such as Air Canada, offer a small discount if you bring fewer bags.

While each airline sets its own baggage policy, a few common variables will impact your baggage allowance.  They are the number of bags, the weight of the bags, the size of the bags and your class of travel.  Not surprisingly, first and business class passengers are given a more generous baggage allowance as part of their ticket.  Also, elite flyer status may result in baggage fee waivers by some airlines.  Airlines have lately been very aggressive in enforcing their baggage policies and their excess baggage fees tend to be costly.  We encourage you to verify both your luggage and the policy of the airline you will be flying prior to departure.

For reference, you can also refer to the following links for domestic baggage policies on major US carriers and carry-on limits for international flights.

last updated 2008.09.11
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