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What are the top 10 things to know about London?

Here are the top 10 things to know about London

  1. London is served by three metropolitan airports: Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted.
  2. Taxis are expensive; the Heathrow Express and Gatwick Express are cost-effective alternatives to travel between the airports and city center.
  3. Climate in London is considered temperate with warm to mild summers and cold winters.  While it can rain year-round; summer months tend to be the driest.
  4. The Underground, also know as the "Tube", is an efficient way to travel throughout the city.
  5. Many rail lines connect the city center to the suburbs and offer a great way to travel to popular destinations like Cambridge and Oxford as well as cross the English Channel using the Eurostar service through the Channel Tunnel.
  6. Internet connections and SIM cards for cell phones are easily available but comparatively expensive.
  7. London has many world-class museums, historic sites and royal parks that are worthwhile to visit.
  8. Although many shops are open on Sundays; they tend to open late and close by late afternoon.
  9. London offers some of the world's best restaurants but only at first class prices.  The more reasonably priced restaurants tend to be small ethnic ones.
  10. London ranks among the world's most expensive cities.  So, don't expect many bargains regardless of the exchange rate.
last updated 2009.02.02
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