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What is the Central Mid-Levels Escalator in Hong Kong?

The Central Mid-Levels Escalator is a series of raised escalators and stairs that transport pedestrians between the Central district on Hong Kong (Victoria) Island to the Mid-Levels district.  The escalators run from 6am to midnight.  During the morning commute from 6am to 10am, the escalator travels downhill from the Mid-Levels to Central and reverses direction from 10:30am to midnight.

The highest street reached by the escalator is Conduit Road while the bottom-most street reached by the escalator is Dex Voeux Road.  Pedestrians can enter and exit the Escalator at each intersecting street.  The journey takes 20 minutes if one does not walk to expedite the ascent or descent.  Plenty of dining and retail establishments are located near the escalator, especially on the lower half of the hill.

last updated 2008.11.23
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