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What is the official currency of Liberia?

The official currency of Liberia is the Liberian Dollar and has a code of LRD.

last updated 2008.11.11
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J. Hancock commented on 2008.11.10 5:54am
Official currency would be the Liberian Dollar. Typically marked LD. Not sure why you've found LRD (unless it has to do with Republic?) Liberian Dollars are used for smaller purchases (typically under $20). However, In almost all cities the US Dollar is used for the larger purchases. Most legitimate employers pay their staff/employees with US Dollars.

I spent a year in Liberia (I'm American) and you only change your USD into LD when you are going to need small bills. The exchange rate when I was there in May 2007-2008 hovered between 60-63 LD= $1 USD... Hope this is helpful.

My Liberia blog:
Travelerous Staff commented on 2008.11.11 6:54am
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