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What is the PATH system in Toronto?

Downtown Toronto is served by an extensive underground walkway system named P.A.T.H.  The 16+ miles of walkway connect government buildings, public transit, offices, malls, hotels, sports venues and attractions, including CN Tower.  It allows for easy pedestrian access to major public transportation options like the subway, commuter railway and bus system.  The PATH network makes downtown Toronto very pedestrian friendly even in harsh weather and is lined with stores and restaurants.  It also connects to one of the world's largest shopping malls, Eaton Center.  Color coding helps guide pedestrians through the PATH system on the basis of direction; P is shown in red for South. A is shown in orange for West, T is shown in blue for North and H is shown in yellow for East.  A map of the system is available online and intermittently along the routes.

last updated 2008.08.25
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