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What is the universal mobile emergency phone number?

112 is used universally by all GSM cell phone service providers to allow you to reach emergency services.  112 calls are redirected to the local, regional or national emergency hotline of the location from which you place the call.  European Union countries also support the 112 number for emergency calls from landlines.  Due to possible rerouting delays or in case you need to reach emergency services from a landline or non-GSM cell phone, it is still helpful to have local emergency numbers handy during your travels.

If you are uncertain whether your phone uses GSM, turn off the phone, open the case, remove the battery and check whether a SIM card can be found.  SIM cards are thumbnail in size and have an embedded microchip.  If you are unable to find a SIM card, the phone is not a GSM phone.  Also, if you intend to use your GSM phone when traveling, be sure that it supports the GSM band used by the countries on your itinerary.

last updated 2008.08.21
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