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Where can I obtain public bus route maps for Paris?

There are a few options for maps of public bus routes in Paris.

If you are a tourist wishing to see the sites, a simplified map is available in PDF format highlighting only those routes serving major attractions. You can access the map directly by clicking on the following icon:

If you wish to see a map of all the bus routes in the city of Paris, a different map is available in PDF format which you can access by clicking on the following icon:

If you need a individual map for a specific bus line, you can generate one using a very thorough interactive mapping tool from the Paris public transit web site at the following address:

To use the interactive tool, click on the line of the bus route you would like to map, rather than the station and stop indicators. Once you do so, the route will appear as highlighted along with four icons. Click the "Display Route Map" icon (the 2nd from the left) and the route details will be displayed on the bottom of the screen. From there you can zoom in, drag the map around and print it out. While you're on the site, you may also want to take advantage of the trip planner feature to determine the best ways to get between any two given points on the map.

Lastly, a visitors' guide for the Paris transit system, inclusive of the Metro system, is available as a PDF file. The guide contains multiple maps and can be accessed by the following icon:

last updated 2008.07.04
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