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Where do I drop off my bags when flying on United domestic from San Francisco if I've already checked in online?

If you have already completed checking in online for a United domestic flight from San Francisco International Airport, you have two options for dropping off your luggage.  Once you arrive at the United Domestic portion of Terminal 3, you can drop your bags off with a porter for $2 per bag (in addition to the $15 to $25 per bag fee now charged by United for most domestic tickets).  You can use one of the "Bag Check" kiosks located just inside from Door 3.  To do so, just scan your boarding pass to begin the baggage check-in process.  A United staff member will check your ID, attach the baggage identification tag and provide you with a claim slip for claiming your luggage at your final destination.  There is no additional cost for this service but you may be assessed other fees for checked bags.

last updated 2008.07.12
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