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Which electrical plugs and voltages are used in Liberia?

Liberia uses type A and B electrical plugs with a voltage of 120 V at 60 Hz.
last updated 2007.07.24
J. Hancock commented on 2008.11.10 6:02am
Careful. Do not assume use of 110-120 volts. Many Americans have had their gadgets fried by generators with 220/240v.

I lived in Liberia for a year. We lived on a compound that provided both 110 and 220 voltage. And MOST generators in Liberia provided 220 voltage. If you wanted 110v you had to buy a step up/down to change the voltage.

We marked the outlets so that we would not make the head-banging mistake of putting our 110 camera for charging into a 220 v outlet.

Some of the electronics available for purchase in Liberia: cell phones, cameras etc... have the European barrel type plug and a converter to the US plug is needed.

They do sell power strips in Liberia that accept almost ALL plug types (they are chinese made)..however you have to pay attention to the voltage when you plug something in! Do NOT take for granted that it's one or the other. ALWAYS check before plugging something in!

I've known many a friend who has lost their camera or laptop to power surges/or wrong be careful.

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