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Which restaurant do you recommend for celebrating a special occasion in San Francisco?

If you are able to plan a few months ahead, Gary Danko's has long been one of the top-rated restaurants in San Francisco and for good reason.  The food is consistently excellent, the wine selection is superb and the service is attentive without being distracting.  The restaurant allows reservations two months in advance and you can expect availability to be filled almost immediately on the day reservations are accepted.  If you don't manage to get a table at Gary Danko's, you may want to try your luck making a reservation at Quince.  While the location may be unusual for a restaurant the food and service more than make up for the taxi fare.  If you are not in a position to plan so far ahead, you can often get a table at Ana Mandara on shorter notice, especially on weekdays.  The food is excellent and well-priced.  The décor and atmosphere are quite enjoyable.  Service is good but can be rather slow at times.  Though there are a wide variety of other excellent dining establishments in San Francisco, these three have been consistently excellent in our experience.
last updated 2007.01.21
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